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I was born in 1963 and I am married with three children. I live and work in Moshav Aseret.
In 1991, I entered the world of ceramics. I participated in my first pottery workshop in Stockholm, Sweden, and was caught up in its magic: the softness of the clay, its suppleness as it stretches between your fingers and the inner rhythm of the potters wheel. I felt that I was falling in love!
The desire to continue learning grew stronger. When we returned to Israel, I continued studying ceramics and, at the suggestion of my teacher, I enrolled at the "College of Visual Arts" in Beer Sheva.  I continued my studies at the "Sapir College" in Shaar HaNegev and took additional courses with the finest teachers in Israel.
In 1995, I opened a ceramics studio where I work and lead workshops. At the same time I work as a guide in museums in Ashdod and participate in community projects with school and kindergarten children.
Working with clay is a very meaningful part of my life: going into the studio, starting to knead, saying good morning to the clay and working on the potters wheel. It is truly a daily dialogue between the medium and myself.
Creating fills a person up and brings joy. Magic takes place - and the clay comes alive. Just like the story about the Golem of Prague, the clay remembers and breathes. The proof of this is the air bubbles that try to become free. When a vessel comes into the world it is here to stay.
The delight of firing the pieces, the secret of the kiln and, especially, the surprises that are revealed when it is opened all of these are components of work filled with processes and events.  In my work I always try to innovate, to learn the latest methods along with old ones, to study ancient cultures and to create special glazes and firing methods. I find myself becoming excited each time I open the kiln.
Exhibitions: The ceramics exhibition Putting Pottery on Todays Agenda 2- Artists Take Inspiration From the Philistines, Corinne Maman Ashdod Museum . September, 2008 - March, 2009
Veronique Polka - Pottery Studio
The studio in Aseret Veronique Polka - Pottery Studio
The potters quarter - Odipur, India
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